Our Studio

The Studio

 We have lovingly designed our Group Exercise Studio so it maximizes our client’s energies to perform at their best and to achieve their own goals.

 Our My Addict Fitness equipment is state of the art . BOSU ( Balance Trainer , Ballast Ball , Weighted ball ) , TRX Suspension Trainer , Weckmethod ( Ropes , RMT Club and Elite Bosu ) , Kamagon , Belle Ame ( Yoga Mat , Aerial Yoga & Massage Ball ) , BaseBlock , Vipr , Dynamax , Rumble Roller ,  BKB Fitness ( Resistance Band & Machine ) & Les Mills Smartbar . 

PT Area & PT and Rehab Room

 Not only do we have a cracker of a location on Desa Park City, but we have a hidden gem of a Private Personal Training studio. Our seclusion is key, as we know this is your own personal time and space. Escape the world during your hourly session, with total privacy assured.


 Many of our clients are already converts for whom life without their regular bi-weekly sessions at our Private Personal Training Studio would be unthinkable. They range from young professionals, with busy stressed lifestyles and celebrities requiring complete privacy, to 40 plus executives and wives. In all cases professionalism and discretion are guaranteed. New clients will be amazed at how quickly shape, tone, fitness, energy and confidence levels are improved.


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We Take Cleanliness & Hygiene Very Seriously

We now incorporate all aspects of hygiene on a regular basis as shown below:

  1. All equipment used is wiped with disinfectant/anti-bacterial in between each session.

  2. Our individual toilet & shower rooms are cleaned in between every client usage, and are also deep cleaned at the end of every day.

  3. Anti-bacterial hand rubs are provided freely around gym areas.

  4. All floor surfaces are cleaned/disinfected at least 1 x each day and at weekends at the end of appointments.

  5. Clients who feel unwell with Covid type symptoms are allowed free cancellations within 24 hours.

  6. My Addict Fitness trainers will take their own temperatures daily and use a “point and click” temperature monitor to check all clients on arrival.

  7. Clients will be reminded to thoroughly wash their hands on arrival and departure.

  8. My Addict Fitness Trainers will wear masks.

  9. Each client session is designed to enable appropriate social distancing.