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PT Area & Personal Training , Physio and Rehab Room

 Not just only Our Trainer are Certified . Get 1 to 1 personalized attention at all points of your fitness journey . My Addict Fitness also provided the best functional equipment and space for you to have a comfortable training . 

PT Area

Women-friendly workout machines . This machines are great when it comes to beginners learning exercises safely and also for bodybuilders or athletes being able to target specific muscle groups . What are the benefits of using gym machines? 

  • Less risk of injury

  • Better for beginners

  • Good for isolating muscles

  • You can easily add or remove weight as you please

Personal Training , Physio and Rehab Room 1

The perfect combination of people and place.

The people are My Addict Fitness trainers and you. They have the skill and passion for excellent training, and you get the benefits.

. You realize this the minute you step inside. It is a place of space and no clutter, with rigorous protocols of safety, social distancing & hygiene.

Personal Training , Physio and Rehab Room 2

 Our spacious bi-level studio has been created to stimulate, motivate and increase the satisfaction of working out and to help you achieve your fitness goals. Separate client areas have been designated to ensure proper social distancing.

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